Friday, May 9, 2014

But he gave me an egg!

It's been a month without me reporting my progress dates.

Remember blonde rejection dude? Well, after him I was set to go out with hot single father. Let me paint a picture of the picture on his profile. He is 41, white, curly brown hair, hazel eyes, super straight teeth and toned body. The kind of guy who makes you drop your pants when you see him in a suit and tie.

The day came, I parked right across the restaurant we were meeting in (which happened to be the same one I went to with the Persian guy- complete coincidence). As I am crossing the street I notice someone walking in front of me and managed to get a glimpse of his face. He was wearing dark wash jeans, brown shoes, suit jacket and the sexiest cologne EVER. I said to myself "wow. I'd totally tap that. I hope it's him...kinda looks like the guy in the picture". Sure enough, he was.

We took our table, started chatting and I found out he finalized his divorce a couple of months ago after being separated for 2 years, he has 3 beautiful little boys and his ex wife is co-owner of his business. Not sure how I felt about all this. I have to admit the guy is super attractive, and his children I can deal with. His ex? I'd disappear her if I could.

He doesn't drink -ever- so we had sparkling water and some really good appetizers. Halfway through dinner he asks me if I celebrate Easter (which was 2 days away). I told him I did and he puts his hand to his pocket and says "Ok. I wouldn't give you this if I didn't like you already..." and hands me a Cadbury Créme Egg. I thought this was the sweetest thing. 

After dinner he asked if I wanted to go for a walk and so out we go. He holds my hand. I don't let go. Of course I wanted to walk around parading this hot older dude I'm with. I asked if he had ever dated someone considerably younger and he told me he went on like 5 dates with a 22 year-old about 6 moths ago. We went down to a bar called Vin de Syrah (not sure why since he doesn't drink anything...). There was a guy called Smoota playing, you should really check him out to fully understand our facial expressions. We were CRACKED UP. His lyrics are all about sex...needless to say, it was mildly awkward. His first song started with "I haven't touched myself in 40 days, and 40 nights". Yep, that was going to be our song.

After a while we decided to call it a night so he could go back to his kids. He walked me to my car and said he'd like to go out on Thursday. We parted ways.

Saturday and Sunday passed, no sign of him but I didn't think much of it. Monday I decided to text him a picture I saw of a story he told me. He texted back, said he was in Arizona interviewing people.  That same night, I had a date with a guy we'll call Jake.

I was with Jake and didn't hear my phone ring, so when I got home I saw an email from hot single dad. Not what I was expecting:

Blah blah blah followed by-
I want to tell you that I really enjoyed our date Friday, but I must pursue another relationship (TBD). I am looking for “the one”, and due to my circumstances, I am content with not being in a relationship until I meet that person.  I also don’t think it is fair to keep a good girl off the market if I’m not 100% committed.  appreciate you taking a chance on a divorced guy with three kids- very mature of you.  On behalf of all the other guys like me, I hope you continue to keep your mind open ;) Anyway, this is probably Too Much Information, but I just like you a lot and thought you deserved to know my thoughts.'

My immediate thought was...I'm 25 and I have to start worrying about younger women?! He went on a handful of dates with a 22 year old and I couldn't even manage to get to the second one?!?!?! But he gave me an egg!!!

So yeah, on to the next one.

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