Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So there was this really cute guy on Match, who had this really cute profile and sent me a really cute message.

Turns out, we had crossed paths the same day he emailed me and we weren't even aware of it. I thought it was a sign from the heavens that my soul mate had finally arrived. We emailed for a bit and agreed to meet the following Monday for coffee.

There I was, sitting outside the coffee shop waiting for my future baby daddy to show up. Then, I saw him. Tall, fit, blonde, cutest smile ever and eyes so blue I was sure my kids would end up in a Gerber commercial if they inherited them. 

We started talking about our families, work, things we do for fun...before we knew it, 2 hours had passed and we were ready to call it a night. He said he'd like for us to hang out again, hugged me, said he'd call me and we parted ways.

15 minutes later I got a text from him. THE text that we all wait for after a date -even though it technically wasn't a date. "Thanks for seeing me tonight, it was a pleasure meeting you". Yep, things were great. I had a ridiculous smile from ear to ear and I had a really pleasant day at work the next day.

And then it happened.

An email through the website. Not a text. Not a call. I had waited all day for him to get in touch. He did...with not such good news. He doesn't want to see me again. Apparently the chemistry wasn't there as much as he would like. I admit I agree with him, he was really cute but we were both kind of shy. I just thought we would give it another shot and see what happened. Nope.

I must say, he was as polite as anyone can be when rejecting someone and I appreciate him taking a few minutes to say "this ain't happening". At least he wasn't an asshole about it.


Lucky for me I have another date on Friday, though I will not jump to conclusions until I've seen the guy a few times. Funny story, he made reservations at the same place the "I miss you" guy took me to dinner...let's just hope we don't bump into each other.

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