Monday, April 7, 2014

Online Dating

So, in keeping up with my plan of meeting new and interesting guys I may will never find in my city, I, my friends, have decided to try online dating. Since my two other good friends are already trying it I decided to join the club of "people who are incapable of meeting their soulmate in the wine section at Target".

I thought I would NEVER, EVER be one of them. Turns out life always finds a way to slap me on the face so here I am.

I decided to make an investment on and Eharmony, thinking that if I was going to become an online dating junkie I might as well turn it into market research and benchmark both services. I am business oriented like that.

Eharmony happened first. My impression: The website is much more appealing in terms of design. It looks (and is) more expensive than its competition and happens to be more selective when it comes to sending you matches. It has a "What if" section in which you see people who don't really match but still have potential. is not as appealing visually, but it lets you browse through people who might not have been matched to you but you still want to contact because they look hot. So far, match seems to be giving me better results.

I have received a gazillion likes, winks and messages on Match, which gets kind of annoying at times. What really bothers me is that when I wink at a hot guy and he doesn't reply! like this Italian god I found the other day and never replied to my message. Oh, well.

I went out with a guy from Eharmony on Friday, just coffee, quick meet and greet. Maybe it was because Europeans are much more open about everything so they find no fault in speaking about more personal stuff, but dude, I honestly do not need to know that sex with your ex-wife was great.

I might meet with a guy from match today :) I am texting a couple of guys from there and we'll see where it goes.

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