Monday, March 31, 2014

The end of Speed Dating...for now

Morning, peeps!

So, let's keep the ball rolling and keep it short and sweet...for Ben (aka. Guy #2)

He emailed, asked for my number, texted me, said we should hang out. Never heard from him again.

The end.

But life never fails to surprise, and there it was. The match I was hoping to get. I have to admit I was upset that he hadn't picked me, but then again...most men are procrastinators and I guess it took him a while to pick and choose. Not that there was a lot to choose from, though. I can honestly say that us 3 were the most good looking single gals in the room.

Anyway. Guy #8, henceforth referred to as...Oscar? Yeah, that works.

I open my email and I see it, a message from Oscar Whatchamacallit. We exchanged emails for a bit and decided to meet up the following Monday before he went on a business trip. I was so nervous it's not even funny. I got to the coffee shop 5 minutes early and got a text from him. "I'm here".

I suddenly realized he was the guy in the Jeep next to mine. Yup, it was a match made in Jeep lovers heaven. I saw him cross the Street and walked behind him (in a not creepy sort of way). He looked even better than I remembered.

I was wearing sky high boots because, well, I'm short. Still, he seemed like Michael Jordan to me. Hazel eyes, brown hair, sexy voice and broad shoulders. Plus, he had a really cute smile, the kind that makes you think he's a good boy in the streets and a freak in the sheets.

We were there for about 2 hours, but I couldn't really read him. By the end of it I wasn't sure if he was interested or not. Lord knows I was... We walked to our cars and said our goodbyes. He hugged awkwardly and said "Let me know if you want to hang out again."

We kept emailing for a few days, he asked if I had any plans for the weekend and as soon as I wrote back he'd disappear for a day or two, then email again and the same thing happened. He later disappeared for good.
THAT was the end of my speed dating experience. My friends and I considered doing it a second time with a nicer agency that held events at a venue we actually liked, but we haven't registered yet and we are not sure if we will.

We are trying to get out of our comfort zone, and so far I think we are doing a pretty good job at that. We're not in a hurry to find Mr. Right. In fact, we might never find him and that's ok :)

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